How to Play

You can log in by using your Facebook account or register as a new user.

You will need to have a valid email address to register. You will be notified via the email address you entered to collect your winnings. Only one account per email address is accepted.

It is very simple to play, just key-in your predictions against each football match; predict which team will win or whether it would be a draw, and number of goals each team will score.

- Step one: choose which team will Win, Loose, Draw,
- Step two: predict number of goals each team will score during the game.
- Step three: press submit.

You can change your mind as many times as you pleased with your submission until 15 minutes before the match begins. 15 minutes before the match starts, we will lock your submission.

If you predicted the match’s results correctly, you will get 3 points. If you predicted the number of goals the teams will score accurately, you will get 7 points. There is no partial points system for predicting only one team’s goals correctly.

Here is how it works: for example, for a match between Indonesia and Laos, the result was Indonesia 5 goals and Laos 4 goals. If you predicted that in a match between Indonesia vs Laos that Indonesia will win you will get 3 points, if you predicted that Indonesia will score 5 goals and Laos will score 3 goals, you will get 0 point.

In overtime games, points will be calculated based on the scores, not including the penalty kicks and winners based on penalty kicks.
Example, In a game that was tied at the end of the overtime at 2-2. Points will be awarded to anyone that has prediction score as 2-2 and draw as outcome, regardless of which team win in the penalty kicks or how many penalty kicks are made by each team.

Group Match
Bronze Medal
Points you get for each correct prediction of Win, Lose or Draw
3 points
6 points
9 points
12 points
Points you get for each prediction of goal score for each match
7 points
14 points
21 points
28 points
Number of Matches

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